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Fanfiction Appreciate Week - Day 2 Tuesday:
Give your fancast for one of your favorite fanfictions. (Graphic Optional)

Treading Water by sabaceanbabe

Freddie Stroma → Finnick Odair (Freddie was my first Finnick; I know author-bosslady likes Armie Hammer. But let’s be real… Sam Claflin. That is all.)
Felicity Jones 
→ Annie Cresta (Can I keep her. Pls.)
Richard Armitage 
Haymitch Abernathy (This made “The Hobbit” a little awkward to watch.)
Rooney Mara 
Johanna Mason (Jena Malone also acceptable.)
Patricia Hayes 
→ Mags Moreno (Shh I know Ms. Hayes is dead. I care not. Fin Raziel is a great addition to any fandom.)
Martin Perch 
→ David Tennant (Mostly because I can. WHO OWNS YOU? MARTN PERCH OWNS YOU. Best OC or best OC.)
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    I’ve never had anyone do a fancast of one of my fics before! This is so exciting! And even though I already fancast it...
  3. sabaceanbabe said: EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! :D Grinning from ear to ear here. :D I love it (even if I don’t agree with it ;) but DAVID TENNANT! :DDDDD)
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